Pitt’s Global Hub Still Abuzz with Free Events, Watch Parties, Virtual Tours

A yellow compass

Pitt’s Posvar Hall may be shuttered, but its Global Hub is still buzzing with activity, albeit virtual in nature. There are the regular ongoing offerings, like the United Nations noon briefings, and virtual tours of sites ranging from world-class museums to Croatia’s national parks. Then there are the special events—live interviews, lectures, webinars, panel discussions and watch parties. The content is developed by all of the units under the University Center for International Studies (UCIS), but it is promoted by the Hub, the central place at Pitt to find ways to stay globally engaged. All of the activity is free to the public.

Hub Manager Karen Lue says she is especially proud to promote the virtual International Tea Time Workshops, at which students from around the globe have a space to air concerns, ask questions or just feel included.

“These are hard times for everyone, but particularly for international students who are, in effect, ‘stuck’ here in a place that is not their home culture,” said Lue. “Having a space where they can speak with students who are going through similar challenges, in a discussion led by professional counselors, is a way for them to feel like they are part of a community.”

The Hub is also a resource for those students completing UCIS certificates or the Global Distinction credential. And the Hub’s Instagram account features clips from its Experience Wall, as well as testimonials from UCIS students.

The main goal: global engagement. “Now more than ever, it is clearly evident that we live in an interconnected world that requires our ability to understand and empathize with one another,” said Belkys Torres, executive director of global engagement. “That is only possible through increased knowledge of other cultures, peoples and experiences.”