Samantha Ford Joins Office of Sustainability as Project Coordinator

Samantha Ford joins the Office of Sustainability as sustainability projects coordinator. This new position expands the University-wide Pitt Sustainability team, providing greater support for the Pitt Sustainability Plan’s goals and strategy. Ford will help coordinate sustainability projects campus-wide, including leading the Pitt Green Office and Green Lab programs; supporting zero waste events and initiatives; and communicating Pitt’s leadership and innovation across the equity, environmental and economic spectrum of sustainability. 

Ford’s professional and educational experience includes environmental analytics, embodied energy of technologies, wildlife conservation and biophilic resiliency initiatives that benefit both people and the planet.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and psychology and is pursuing a master’s in sustainability at Chatham University. Before entering graduate school, Ford was a research associate in the Department of Family Medicine

Ford is excited to be part of the university-wide Pitt Sustainability team supporting the mission of balancing equity, environment and economics to ensure current and future generations can thrive. If you are interested in getting involved to further the culture of sustainability at Pitt or becoming a Pitt Green Office or Green Lab, please contact Ford at