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Momentum Funds Opens Doors to More Interdisciplinary Research

Pitt Momentum Funds will support interdisciplinary research and scholarship by providing critical funding to multiyear projects in their early stages.
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Info Sessions to Encourage Staff, Faculty Collaboration at CEC in Homewood

Faculty and staff are invited to attend sessions at the Community Engagement Center in Homewood this fall to learn more about how they can get involved with the CEC.

Changing the Health of Pennsylvania — and the Future

The All of Us research program aims to reinvent medicine using data to provide more individualized care for patients. A new location in Oakland will help in recruitment.
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Changes to Pitt Research’s Office Names Provide Clarity, Reflect Collaboration

In an update designed to emphasize collaboration across the University’s research, the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research is unveiling new names of its units.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Receives Major NSF Funding for New Tech

The National Science Foundation has awarded the Pitt-CMU center $10 million to build a new supercomputer, Bridges-2, to fuel new discoveries in artificial intelligence, deep learning and DNA data storage, among other projects requiring high-performance computing.

Produce Your Own Teaching and Learning Resources With the Media Creation Lab

Designed to enable developing multimedia content such as podcasts and webinars, the Teaching Center's Media Creation Lab can help faculty and staff produce a wide range of projects.
3D printer at the Vibrant Media Lab

A Model Makerspace: 3D Printing at the Teaching Center’s Open Lab

The Open Lab in the University Center for Teaching and Learning has 3D printers and trained specialists who consult with faculty, staff and students to create 3D objects that you can hold in your hand from virtual 3D models on a computer screen.
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Funding Awarded to 24 Pitt Seed Projects

Now in its second year, the 2019 Pitt Seed Project initiative will fund 24 new proposals that aim to directly and actively contribute to the University’s strategic transformation.
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Conference Showcases, Builds Momentum with Global Modeling Research

The event, hosted by Pitt's School of Computing and Information, provided attendees a chance to showcase current modeling research that provides insights on how complex systems such as the global economy or climate operate.  
Graham Hatfull looking at phages in his lab

Hatfull Lab’s Lifesaving Research Efforts Go Viral

Research efforts in Graham Hatfull’s lab involving phages, or viruses that infect bacteria, saved the life of a 15-year-old cystic fibrosis patient in London. His team’s work has drawn international media attention and has been called groundbreaking.