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Two people work together on a laptop
The grants help enhance the educational experiences of Pitt students, save students money on course materials and provide faculty with the ability to customize courses.
Graham Hatfull standing in front of a wall filled with flasks
Hatfull led a team that identified and engineered a phage cocktail designed to treat a 15-year-old cystic fibrosis patient.
A stack of laptops
Efforts from Pitt’s Office of Community and Governmental Relations and Information Technology have provided much-needed hardware and IT support to the Pittsburgh community.
A woman in a pink shirt uses a computer in a sunroom
The University of Pittsburgh and Office of Human Resources have created a number of new initiatives to provide the most flexibility, stability and resources possible for employees during this COVID-19 period of emergency.
Two people in Pitt shirts help pack boxes
The Pitt United Way Campaign’s end-of-April deadline leaves time to contribute either through donation or volunteerism.
A man works from home at a computer, while writing in a notebook
The University Center for Teaching and Learning has virtual workshops and resources to help instructors plan finals and assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Child wearing a green alien hat reads a book to people on a Zoom virtual call
Teachers at Pitt’s University Child Development Center are using technology to connect with and foster community—as well as to sharpen their professional development—during the COVID-19 crisis.
young man in a Pitt shirt working on an laptop at home
The Office of Human Resources’ Faculty and Staff Development Program is launching new virtual courses to enable professional development while working from home.
Teal cards with encouraging messages written on them posted to a cork board
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion leads a campuswide committee devoted to advocating for sexual assault awareness virtually this April.
A lab worker uses a pipette
The Clinical and Translational Science Institute will be awarding up to $50,000 in grants to four projects that aim to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
screen capture of a Zoom meeting with lots of participants
Many in the University community are learning to host Zoom video conferences on the fly. Pitt IT has tips to ensure a positive experience for all participants.
Female student working on a laptop outside
Whether you're using Zoom to attend or teach a class, meet with colleagues or enjoy a virtual visit with friends, the Office of University Communications and Marketing has your back(ground).
A statue of a panther in front of the William Pitt Union
What does Pitt do when there is a positive case of COVID-19? The University has responsive steps and protocols in place to limit the spread. Here’s what faculty and staff need to know.
close up of hands perched on a laptop while typing
As the federal government discusses the possibility of sending stimulus checks to Americans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, scammers are already plotting ways to exploit the proposals. Pitt IT has tips for spotting such scams.
Stock illustration of a house drawn by lasers and computer code
With most faculty, staff and students working and learning from home, Pitt IT shares what you can do to help maintain the security of Pitt's and your personal data, network, devices and services.