Connection, Collaboration and Discovery Fuel the Future of Research and Innovation

Faculty and staff are invited to attend the Fueling Our Future showcase—an inaugural celebration of internally funded interdisciplinary research—taking place on Monday, Feb. 24, in Alumni Hall. 

Hosted by the Offices of the Provost and the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research, the event’s agenda includes remarks from Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, Senior Vice Chancellor and Provost Ann E. Cudd and Senior Vice Chancellor for Research Rob A. Rutenbar. There will also be brief talks by prior research development fund awardees, a poster session where attendees can learn more about the projects this year’s awardees are launching and a reception with food and drink.

Not to miss are the much-anticipated announcements of 2020 Pitt Momentum Funds and Forge Your Own Path award recipients.

“[We are] excited by the opportunity to bring resources and recognition to faculty and staff who are brimming with innovative ideas in both research and the classroom,” wrote Cudd in a message to the University community announcing the event.

“Ann and I have dedicated new resources to specifically enable faculty who want to build ambitious collaborations across campus and do the team building, project planning and extensive proposal development that is necessary to make a credible run at large-scale funding opportunities,” said Rutenbar. “This showcase is an opportunity for the University to celebrate the start of an impressive set of projects by some of our campuses most exciting researchers and educators.”

The showcase is from 1 to 6:30 p.m. in the Connolly Ballroom and seventh-floor auditorium of Alumni Hall. RSVP for the funding showcase online