November TIAA Financial Webinars Cover Retirement Income, Life Insurance

Through the end of November, TIAA offers live financial webinars on a variety of topics, including achieving financial success and paying yourself in retirement.

Retirement Plans – Know the Rules
Tuesday, Nov. 12; noon-1 p.m.

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Discover how your retirement assets will play a significant role as you create your retirement income. Get answers to questions regarding taking distributions, your loved ones and more.

Attention to Detail: Financial Finishing Touches for Women
Tuesday, Nov. 12; 3-4 p.m.

Learn how to reach financial success by finding answers to some of the most pertinent questions women ask regarding finances, income planning and more.

Market-Proof Your Retirement
Wednesday, Nov. 13; noon-1 p.m.

Discover how to protect your savings while growing it in the years leading up to and into your retirement.

Paying Yourself: Income Options in Retirement
Wednesday, Nov. 13; 3-4 p.m.

Learn the rules that govern retirement assets and learn when it’s time to consider using different income sources.

Demystifying Life Insurance
Thursday, Nov. 14; noon-1 p.m.

Learn how much life insurance you need, what types exist and what they cover.

Halfway There: A Retirement Checkpoint
Thursday, Nov. 14; 3-4 p.m.

Give yourself a mid-career financial checkup to evaluate your current savings, formulate a plan to help pursue your savings goals and manage competing financial priorities.