Pitt Information Technology Updates Make It Easier to Download Free Software

The online interface for Pitt’s Software Download Service has a new, mobile-friendly design and now features more than 100 free titles available to Pitt students, faculty and staff. The new layout aims to make software easier to find for quick download and simple installation.

About Software Download Service

The University's Software Download Service lets students, faculty and staff search for and download software that is distributed at no cost through the University’s software licensing program. This service is only available to computers that have verified their identity with multifactor authentication using Pitt Passport, the University's single sign-on service. University-licensed software is available to all members of the University community with a primary University Computing Account. 

Read more about Software Download Services online at technology.pitt.edu.

Popular options include anti-malware and anti-virus solutions like Malwarebytes and Symantec Endpoint Protection, respectively. Additional titles include Microsoft Office 2019, as well as engineering, mathematics and statistical software. Users can view updated titles or browse by category, operating system or vendor.

Check with your department regarding license or usage. Some programs or features may not be available to all users, or available only on trial bases. Access the service through My Pitt or by visiting the Software Download Service site directly.