"Pitt Is People Power": Long-term Staff Honored for Service

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, Cheryl Johnson, vice chancellor for human resources, welcomed a group of staff to the University’s 30th annual Staff Recognition Awards Ceremony, honoring employees who have worked at Pitt for 20, 30, 40 and 50 years.

“Of course, they started at age 5,” Johnson joked, drawing laughs.

Addressing those in attendance, many joined by their supervisors, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher highlighted what has made it a remarkable year at Pitt, including the opening of the first Community Engagement Center at Homewood and staff volunteer efforts.

“The common denominator in all of these defining accomplishments is people,” Gallagher said. “Pitt is people power, and Pitt employees are at the heart of every success here at Pitt.”

This year, 17 employees were recognized as having served 40 years with Pitt, and two marked 50 years. “Collectively, that’s 780 years of service!” he noted.

Employees celebrating milestone — 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-year — anniversaries this year included:

50 years

Barr, Cathleen M., Biological Sciences
Rinella, Rosemary A., Social Work Office of the Dean

40 years

Berkey, Dolores A., Johnstown General Administration       
Booker, Leigh G., Financial Information Systems      
Carroll, Mary Patrice, Office of the Registrar
Cocuzzi, Kenneth A., Facilities Management
Connell, Deborah A., Psychology       
Farrell, Donna M., Health and Physical Activity        
Gilarski, Linda M., GSPH, Biostatistics           
Grissom, Delbert M., Facilities Management
Hamler, Mary Jean, Communication 
Hyland, Bradley W., LRDC      
Kroboth, Patricia D., Office of the SVC for Health Sciences  
Lynch, Cynthia A., Counseling Center
McGahey, William E., Engr, Information Technology
Mocello, Darleen A., Law, Instruction           
Moonan, Kathy L., Bradford Operations       
Race, Mary Jo, Office of the Chancellor        
Sabol, Pamela Jeanne, Johnstown General Administration  
Schwesinger, Ronald W., SHRS, Office of the Dean  
Sernell, Joseph J., Johnstown Information Systems  
Smith, John H., Pharmacy, Office of the Dean          
Sobol, Sharon R., Budget & Financial Reporting       
Walker, Blaine R., University Center for Teaching and Learning      
White, Christine A., Health Sciences Research Administration        

30 years

Argenzio, Patti R., Medicine, Neurobiology  
Barone, Jean Marie, Institution Review Board          
Blanc, Robert O., Athletics Administration
Bottles, Angela Cheyne, Office of the Chancellor     
Bruce, Katherine L., Advising Center 
Buchanan, William G., GSPH, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology   
Carter, Ben, Computing Services (CSSD)       
Carter, Philippa K., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean        
Clark, Jeannette D., University Collections    
Cuniff, Alisha Shane, GSPIA, Office of the Dean        
Darabant, Michelle Marie, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery   
Doswell, Denise, Office of the SVC Business and Operations
Drzemiecki, Keith E., Scaife Hall Housekeeping        
Dunklin, Margaret Miller, Admissions & Financial Aid          
Eckenrod, Robert A., Johnstown Information Technology   
Elmore, David Lee, Scaife Hall Housekeeping
Ferguson, Carolyn, Medicine, Anesthesiology          
Fialkovich, Mark G., Computing Services      
Galvanek, Paul S., Falk Library           
Gaspich, Donna M., Medicine, Surgery         
Geragi, Karen Jean, Office of the Registrar   
Giles, Renee, Medicine, Cell Biology 
Graham, Joseph William, Computing Services          
Grzybek, Bernard R., Facilities Management
Gusten, Kristin Lynn, Office of the Provost   
Henderson, Cynthia Ann, Nursing, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations    
Hoag, Thomas R., Facilities Management     
Hollingshead, Deborah J., Health Sciences Core Research Facilities
Jozwiak, Ronald P., BST, South Incinerator   
Karpa, James D., Facilities Management AVC
Kay, Ninette, SCI, Student Affairs      
Kemock, Michael, Johnstown Information Technology        
Kinzel, Laura Suzanne, Medicine       
Kloman, Harry B., The Pitt News       
Lawson, Alice Elizabeth, Office of Research  
Lewis, Daniel J., Engineering, Research Grants         
Lloyd, Kelly M., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean
Marks, William E., Johnstown Physical Plant, Maintenance 
Martin, Deborah E., GSPH, Epidemiology     
Mastorovich, Susan Faye, Instruction & Learning     
Matrozza, Nancy E., Staff Support Social Sciences    
McGuirk, Judith A., Johnstown Conference Center  
Meehan, Rebecca J., GSPH, Epidemiology    
Mehalic, Michael P., Office of Administration, Health Sciences       
Miko, Mark, Biomedical Science Tower Housekeeping        
Murphy, Kathleen Ward, Advising Center     
Robison, Glenn M., Pymatuning Laboratory 
Ruggieri, John M., Print Services       
Schwoegl, Kirsten Yvonne, Medicine, Aging Institute           
Shook, Kimberly Dawn, Johnstown Career Services 
Travers, Thomas G., Facilities Management 
Walch, John R., Work in Process Labor         
Wertz, Cindy L ., Computing Services
Yaklich, Michael F., Falk Library         
Youngman, Edward J., Print Services
Zogran, Patricia A., GSPH, Epidemiology       
Zourelias, Jeffrey C., Facilities Management 
Zullo, Laura Wirth, Office of the SVC Business and Operations        

20 years

Abrams, John J., Athletics Administration     
Allen, Gregory Edwin, Advising Center            
Amrhein, Amy H., Bulk Mail Services
Anderson, Maureen Deborah, Athletics Administration      
Ardolino, Amy M., Medicine, Urology           
Blecharz, Richard W., GSPH, Epidemiology   
Boggus, David Leon, Facilities Management AVC     
Bond, Maria Ann, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics
Burkhouse, Barbara Ann, Bradford Operations        
Butler, Bret A., Bradford Athletics     
Byrnes, Mary Carole, UPCI Basic Research Administration  
Caputo, Christopher A., Johnstown Athletics, General Administration        
Carr, Linda S., Dental Medicine, Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics         
Carroll, Nita Rachael, Educational and Compliance Office   
Chekan, Annamarie, Medicine          
Chirdon, Christopher R., Honors College, Office of the Dean           
Colwell, Kelly Jean, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean     
Darr, Brandi S., Greensburg Financial Aid Administration    
Downs, Mary Ann, Office of Administration, Health Sciences          
Drescher, John M., Medicine, Radiology       
Eash, Heide Joyce, Office of Research           
English, Erin Elizabeth Sunday, CBA, Admissions      
Evans, Tina Lashawn, Student Health Service           
Fassinger, Richard J., Computing Services 
Feldman, Keri Lynn, Critical Care Medicine   
Ferderbar, Sharon Ann, Medicine     
Fissell, Catherine, LRDC         
Frank, David M., Research & Educational Support   
Frankeny, Robert J., GSPH, Public Health Dynamics Lab      
Fritz, Ted Patrick, Office of the SVC Business and Operations          
George, Leah Marlene, Dental Medicine, Dental Instruments         
Gibson, Gregory A., Medicine, Cell Biology   
Harrie, Noel C., GSPH, Human Genetics        
Henchir, Jeremy J., Medicine, Neurological Surgery 
Honick, Sandra Marie, Medicine, Office of the Dean
Ivanhoe, Doris 0., LRDC         
Kania, Michael A., GSPH, Epidemiology        
Keirn, Joan M., Johnstown Academic Success Center          
Kenniston, Thomas W., Medicine, Surgery   
Kiehl, David Allan, Facilities Management    
Kist, Jennifer Stephany, Johnstown Financial Aid Office       
Knowlton, Diane M., Nursing, Health & Community Systems          
Korey, Richard , Internal Audit           
Kosko, Janet M., UCIS, Office of the Director
Lebder, Mark A., GSPH, Epidemiology          
Levine, Arthur Samuel , Office of Administration, Health Sciences   
Lower, Janet Lynn, Psychology          
Luciano, Tammy R., Bradford Book Center   
Mansfield, Sharon E., Chemistry       
McCarthy, Joseph John, Office of the Provost          
McCurry, Elaine Maria, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation        
Mercurio, Rocco Benj, GSPH, Epidemiology 
Meyers, Michelle A., Medicine          
Mroziak, Joseph A., GSPH, Biostatistics        
Nannini, Linda Lois, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean    
Odonnell, Jeffrey H., GSPH, Epidemiology    
Okonski, Janet Rebecca, Medicine, Urology 
Ostroski, Ann M., GSPH, Office of the Dean  
Palmieri, Michael E., Print Services   
Pan, Ivy N., Student Accounting & Billing      
Perpetua, Michele D., Medicine, Neurological Surgery        
Pierre, Erie E., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean
Prebehalla, Linda R., Pharmacy, Pharmacy & Therapeutics 
Reilly, Nancy B ., University Center for Teaching and Learning         
Ribarchak, Ammie Lynn, University Child Development Center       
Roscoe, Steven J., Institutional Advancement, Operations and Quality Administration     
Ruempler, Jill A., GSPH, Office of the Dean   
Rush, Jennifer Louise, Office of Clinical Research     
Salat, Michal, Technical Services       
Service, Amy Elaine, Secretary of the University      
Shade, Janet Maureen, Bradford P&CS, General Administration     
Shaffer, Sheree Marie, GSPH, Epidemiology 
Smith, Jill Carole, Dental Medicine, Periodontics/Preventive Dentistry       
Sneddon, William Bruce, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology  
Sokolowski, Michelle Lynn, Payroll   
Spillane, Susan Phyllis, Medicine       
Stapel, Jennifer L., Psychology          
Swiden, Richard A., Pymatuning Laboratory 
Trovato, Joni L ., Johnstown Financial Aid Office      
Vorp, Allison Ehrhart, Health Sciences Research Administration     
Walsh, Diane Louise, Johnstown Academic Success Center 
Weaver, Matthew S., GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health   
Welshons, Lynne Marie, LRDC           
Wolfe, Elizabeth A., Emergency Medicine    
Wolfe, Robert M., Health Sciences, Office of Research        
Woodward, Jennifer Eugenia, SVC Research
Yurasits Jr., Louis A., Advising Center
Zak, Jean E., GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health     
Zhang, Jiying, Medicine, Dermatology          
Zurowski, Nancy B., Medicine, Ophthalmology        

10 years

Acierno, Nicole Marie, Dietrich School, Office of the Dean
Adekoya, Peter, DLAR, Animal Husbandry    
Agnew, Jeffrey K., Public Safety        
Amity, Christine Lynn, Medicine, Neurology 
Anderson, Corrie Ann, University Child Development Center          
Austin, Kaneca Lanise, Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs        
Bao, Rebecca ChenRong, Technical Services 
Barton, Amber Lynn, University Center for Social & Urban Research          
Bauroth, Rebecca M., Medicine, McGowan Inst Regenerative Medicine    
Beam, Dawn N., Johnstown Bus Enterprise General Admin 
Beasley, Antoinette Renda, Medicine, Surgery         
Beighley, Brian John, Admissions & Financial Aid     
Bell, Darol Dwayne, Housing Administration
Bibbens, Cleveland Westly, Housing Administration
Blanciak, Thomas Charles, Computing Services        
Bowersox, Katherine Elizabeth, Institutional Advancement, University Development       
Buerkle, Patty, Medicine, Cardiothoracic Surgery    
Burger, Christine Diane, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs 
Burns, Darcie Hunter, Dental Medicine, Dental Anesthesiology      
Caler, Adam David, Computing Services
Cattley, Richard Thomas, Medicine, Immunology    
Cerminara, George J., Finance           
Chen, Jianming, Medicine, Neurology           
Cheng, Goldy C., Technical Services  
Chu, Yanxia, Medicine
Cihil, Kristine M., Medicine   
Clarke, Emily Braun, LRDC     
Clayton, Dennis R., Medicine 
Coburn, Stefanie Leigh, Health and Safety Office     
Collins, Kathryn D., DLAR, Animal Husbandry           
Consolaro, Paula Jean, Medicine       
Constantino, Leo Michael, Office of Human Resources        
Cook, Paul Michael, Public Safety     
Copp, Millward, Brandon A., Academic Affairs, Health Sciences      
Coutch, Sharon L., UPCI Basic Research Administration       
Coyner, James A., Work in Process Labor     
Crosby, Robert Eugene, Housing Administration      
Cui, Xiangdong, Medicine, Surgery    
Day, Debra H., SCI, Information Culture and Data Stewardship       
DePasquale, Carl B., Computing Services      
Deri, Kimberly Bittner, University Store        
Devan, Susan Irene, Johnstown Information Systems          
DiBernardo, Jacob J., Housing Administration          
DiGuilio, Melissa Ann, Admissions & Financial Aid   
Dillon, Karin A., Medicine      
DiVito, Dan G., Facilities Management AVC  
Dornin, Jessica L., GSPH, Health Policy & Management       
Dulak, Teri Lynn, McGowan Inst Regenerative Medicine     
Eakin, Wayne E., Health and Safety Office    
Eckard, Ashley Danielle, Special Events         
Eger, Joyce F., Greensburg Admissions         
Ekis, Jared R., SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology           
Elbling, Dena Lohr, Medicine, Structural Biology      
Fair, Kristen Maureen, Medicine, Neurology
Fann, Richard Lee, Cross Cultural & Leadership Development         
Finlay, Cheryl Schratz, Student Affairs          
Flannery, Eleanor L., Medical and Health Sciences Foundation       
Flemm, Andrew Michael, Financial Information Systems     
Foley, Bernadette Ann, GSPH, Office of the Dean    
Ford, Sarah A., DLAR, Administration Services         
Fournier, Jill Erin, Medicine, Otolaryngology
Frank, Alicia Marie, Critical Care Medicine   
Fredericks, Jason, Computing Services          
Frye, Lonnie James, Medicine, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics         
Fullem, Michelle Renee, Office of Human Resources
Gallagher, Daniel Hugh, Pittsburgh Campus Buildings          
Gilmartin, Darren, UPCI Basic Research Administration       
Gong, Xiaoyan, Medicine, Pediatrics 
Good, Kazuyo Konagaya, Technical Services 
Gore, Lucinda Christine, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs 
Grainy, David Arthur, DLAR, Animal Husbandry       
Granahan, Shannon, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology         
Griffith, Erica N., Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute (SNI)  
Hager, Charles Clemenes, Civil & Environmental Engineering          
Halpern, David V., University Center for Social & Urban Research  
Harold, Corrie Allison, Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs         
Heflin, Dennis T., DLAR, Animal Husbandry  
Henderson, Chauncey Mack, Public Safety   
Henderson, Maureen Marie, Religious Studies         
Hernandez, Doreen, GSPH, Health Policy & Management   
Hinkson, Daniel Lee, GSPH, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology      
Hoel, Lea Ann, Institutional Advancement, University Development          
Hoke, Wesley Adam, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs      
Holton, Jonathan Lee, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine      
Hope, Lisa Tranquill, Greensburg Admissions           
Hussar, Gary Lee, Purchasing Services          
Ivory, Robyne L., Technical Services  
Johnson, Lola Mae, Office of University Communications   
Kane, William J., Facilities Management AVC
Kapralova, Valentyna I., GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health          
Kensinger, Lawrence S., Facilities Management       
Khersonsky, Victoria Amanda, Medicine, Biomedical Informatics   
Kim, Su Hyeong, UPCI Research Lab, Singh   
Knauer, Buckley, University Center for Teaching and Learning        
Kojtek, Jason Christopher, Medicine 
Kozak, Katie Ann, Civil & Environmental Engineering           
Kramer, Melissa L., Payment Processing & Compliance       
Kustra, Michele A., Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs  
Laffoon, Maureen Manclark, Medicine         
Landy, Matthew E., Student Conduct Office 
Laslavic, Angela Ann, UPCI Epidemiology      
Ledger, Kate Robinson, Admissions & Financial Aid 
Lee, Boeun, Bioengineering   
Lin, Allen M., GSPH, Biostatistics       
Linde, Monica A., Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery     
Lubawy, Susan C., UPCI Research Lab
Malek, Jonathan M., Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations
Marendo, Lynn Marie, Dental Medicine, Oral Biology          
Markiw, Connie A., Theatre Arts       
Markle, Christopher Thomas, Office of University Communications
Martin, Paul W., Print Services          
Mauer, Marsey Elizabeth, Medicine 
McAnany, Linda, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean         
McCauley, Mary Ann, Admissions & Financial Aid    
McClure, George C., Education, Grants Management          
McConegly, Michael John, Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute        
McGrane, Patricia A., Office of the Dean, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences      
McMahon, Karen Kruth, Institutional Advancement, Operations and Quality Administration       
McShane, Lydia Frances, GSPIA, Office of the Dean 
Meier, Jeffrey A., Medicine, Center for Vaccine Research      
Metro, Thomas Michael, Facilities Management      
Metz, Andrew G., Medicine   
Mihalik, Matthew J., DLAR, Animal Husbandry         
Miller, Lynne Ann, Student Life         
Minsinger, William F., Facilities Management AVC  
Mitchell, Jason Emanuel, Scaife Hall Housekeeping 
Moehling, Krissy K., Family Medicine
Moersch, Elise Sonz, Institutional Advancement, Corporate and Foundation Relations     
Mullen Jr., Patrick J., Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School         
Palmiero, Michael A., Work in Process Labor
Panaitescu, Elena Magdalena, Nursing, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations        
Parsons, Daniel L., Technical Services
Pasek, Beata Barbara, Medicine        
Paul, Brooke Renae, Education and Compliance Office, Animal Research Compliance       
Pechan, Gwendolen May, SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology   
Phillips, Patricia Jean, Facilities Management           
Picklo, Bernard J., Bradford Office of the Dean        
Pile, Travis Justin, Computing Services          
Plutt, Suzanne Milius, UCIS, Office of the Director   
Poddar, Minakshi, Medicine, Pathology       
Quirin, Karen Lorraine , Health and Physical Activity
Radelet, April, Medicine, Radiology  
Randolph, Andrea Karen, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs
Reger, Ashley Rose, Medicine, Office of the Dean    
Remes, Andrew, Office of Technology Management
Richard, Sara Elizabeth, Office of Risk Management & Insurance    
Richardson, Steven Craig, Computing Services           
Rihtarchik, Nancy Jane, Financial Record Services    
Rodriguez-Ransom, Gloria Josefina, Education, Office of Child Development         
Roskov, Krystal Ann, DLAR, Animal Husbandry         
Rothrock, Summer Lynn, Student Affairs      
Russell, Jason I., Advising Center       
Sadler, Bryan Albert, GSPH, Epidemiology    
Sandusky, Susan Lynn, Clinical and Translational Science Institute  
Sanker, Subramaniam, Medicine      
Saunders, Simeon M., Engineering, Assistant Dean for Diversity     
Schenfield, Susan Ann , Bradford Athletics    
Schockling, Maria S., Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School         
Schultz, Kevan C., University Center for Social & Urban Research   
Sciulli, Gregory Joseph, Pitt Copy Cat
Sharpe, Melissa S., Biological Sciences          
Sharpless, Lori Anne, The Pitt Shop   
Shimko, Thomas G., Public Safety     
Smith, Michelle Lynn, Strategic Sourcing and PantherBuy Solutions
Sosa, Ricardo J ., Computing Services 
Spisak, Lori A., Medical and Health Sciences Foundation     
Stauffer, Mark F., Medicine, Pathology         
Stello, Kimberly Marie , Medicine      
Steup, Clayton R., Medicine, Office of the Dean       
Suppa, Alex J., Bradford Security       
Swain, Kathleen Louise, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs  
Tang, Peng, Sponsored Projects Accounting 
Thompson Bowens, Darlene, Facilities Management           
Tomei, Christopher Bennett, Engineering, Information Technology
Tooks, Ronald Lee, Housing Administration 
Valenti, Mary Elizabeth, Medicine, Urology  
Vignovich, Melanie Ann, Institutional Advancement, Corporate and Foundation Relations           
Villasenor, Mark A., Public Safety      
Wagner, Rebecca L., DLAR, Animal Husbandry         
Wagner, Sarah E., UCIS, Office of the Director         
Walker, Reagan Campbell, DLAR, Regional Biocontainment Laboratory     
Walter, Matthew F., Student Financial Services       
Walter, William H., Johnstown Information Systems
Walters, Michael E., Health Sciences Research Administration       
Walton, Lori Ann, McGowan Inst Regenerative Medicine    
Ward, Samuel Earle, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Watt, Edward L., Integrated Security
Weaver, Heather M., GSPH, Biostatistics      
Weiland, Laura A., DLAR, Veterinary Services           
Weimer, Donald E., Facilities Management  
Wiehagen, Luke T., Health Sciences Core Research Facilities           
Wilcox, Lauren Justine, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation        
Winters, Carin M., Greensburg Academic Affairs     
Wolfe, Eric J., University Center for Social & Urban Research          
Wyszomierski, Daniel F., GSPH, Biostatistics 
Yeo, Raymond G., GSPH, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology          
Young, Patti Jo , Titusville Academic Affairs   
Zang, Judith Anne, Honors College, Office of the Dean        
Zang, Yan, Medicine, Dermatology   
Zanotti, Paula A., Dental Medicine, Periodontics/Preventive Dentistry       
Zhao, Hong, GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health     
Zhao, Wenchen, Pharmacy, Office of the Dean        
Zheng, Songyang, Medicine, Pathology        
Zilic, Dorothy Marie, Greensburg Student Services  

Five years

Adams, Brian J ., Graduate School of Public Health, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology    
Adomitis, Katherine Anne, Dental Medicine, Student Affairs           
Alosi, Matthew John, Athletics Administration         
Altany, Thomas D., Office of University Communications    
Anderson, Amy M., Medicine
Anderson, Steven Lewis, Student Affairs      
Archila, Luis Alberto, GSPH, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology     
Ares, Abigail Marie, Institutional Advancement      
Arrington, Ryan Daniel, Benefits       
Artman, Shawn Micheal, Research Support Services
Avey, Marcia Anne, Bradford Student Health Services         
Badorf, Amy J., Athletics Administration      
Bais, Abha Singh, Medicine, Developmental Biology
Barch, Jessica Michelle, Greensburg Academic Affairs         
Barnes, Andria R., Office of University Counsel        
Bash, Lee, Clinical and Translational Science Institute          
Behonick, Lindsey M., Athletics Administration       
Bell, Christopher J., Institutional Advancement, Office of the Vice Chancellor        
Bennett, Julia Elizabeth, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Berberich, Jerome, Work in Process Labor   
Bey, LaTonda Lashawn, Facilities Management        
Blazewick, Kristin Lynn, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean          
Boser, Sarah Elizabeth Monger, Bradford Student Aid         
Bowser, Jeffrey R., Auxiliaries Administration          
Boyko, Sara E., Psychology    
Brandle, Joseph Robert., Division of Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry     
Braun, Megan E., Public Safety          
Brien, Sofia., Bradford Operations    
Brockway, Brian L., Medicine, Neurobiology
Brown, Daniel Lee, Information Technology 
Bruce, Timothy Lee, Housing Administration
Bruno, Giacomo, Facilities Management      
Bryant, Cheryl Ann, Medicine, Office of the Dean    
Bryant, Thomas, Pitt Serves  
Buddadhumaruk, Praewpannarai, Critical Care Medicine    
Bui, Kevin Van, Biomedical Informatics         
Burke, John Paul, Titusville Dormitories       
Burns, Scott J., Division of Laboratory Animal Resources, Animal Husbandry         
Caldwell, Cynthia Elizabeth, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation        
Campbell, Bruce, Medicine, OB/Gyn & Reproductive Science         
Campbell, Deborah, Institutional Advancement, Operations and Quality Administration  
Certo, Sherri Karas, Medicine
Chedwick, Lisa R., Systems Neuroscience Institute  
Childs Jr., Terry Lee, Public Safety     
Chinn, Nicole A., Medicine    
Chmielewski, Joseph, Administrative Services          
Chmill, Lydia Ford, Disability Resources & Services  
Chong, Rong, Dental Medicine, Craniofacial Regeneration  
Coddington Rogers, Gail Marie, Division of Laboratory Animal Resources, CHP     
Coleman, Bianca M., Medicine          
Collier, Abby S., University Press Director     
Cook, Kenneth Michael., Johnstown Physical Plant, Custodial         
Cornmesser, Cherie Lee, Systems Neuroscience Institute    
Cosby, Jamar Anthony, Facilities Management        
Cripps Jr., Russell Charles, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs          
Crooms, Sandra, University Press Director   
Curtis, Vincent Dwayne, Housing Administration     
D'Amico, Courtney Rae, Cost Accounting     
Dangel, Stephanie Ann J., Law, Instruction   
Daugherty, Jesse P., Staff Support, Languages         
Davis, Brenda Mae, University Child Development Center  
Davis, Christopher J., Biological Sciences      
Davis, Shawn James, Public Safety    
DeGurian, Amy Ambuske, Social Work, Academic Programs
Del Re, Michael, Public Safety
Dell, Betty L., Education, Office of Child Development         
Derr, Mary Jo Ann, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Fiscal
Desimone, John Alfred, GSPH, Office of the Dean    
Dibas, Carly Elizabeth, Medicine, Pediatrics 
Dimit, Adam Mark, Public Safety       
Ding, Fei, UPCI Biostatistics   
DiNuzzo, Jessica F., Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean     
DiPaolo, Wanda Jo, Computing Services       
DiTullio, Anthony, Computing Services  
Diulus, Corey A., Work in Process Labor       
Donofrio, Justin Dominick, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs         
Douglas, Maurice Kalvin, Facilities Management     
Douglas, Sandra Ries, Katz Graduate School of Business MBA Program Office       
Drahos, Michael E., Johnstown Athletics, General Administration  
Dzubinski, Justin C., Public Safety     
Ehalt, Elaine, Eye and Ear Advancement       
Eichner, Steven B., Senior Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences, Information Technology       
Elliott, Disque, Sommer J., Titusville Student Affairs
Elo, Brian Keith., Computing Services             
Erickson, Roberta K., Medicine, Immunology
Fallon, Meadow R., Institutional Advancement, Operations and Quality Administration   
Farabaugh, Rebecca Lee, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences, Office of the Dean
Fetzick, Anita Lynn, Medicine, Neurological Surgery
Fike, Kathryn Lea, Staff, Office of the Chancellor      
Fisher, Daniel Thomas , Athletics Administration      
Fleck, Tyler Clair, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Rehab Sci & Tech 
Fraser, Julia Daly, University Center for Social & Urban Research   
Frawley, Kristin Lyn, GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health    
Fries, Linda Marie, Pymatuning Laboratory  
Froehlke, Eileen Murray, Office of the Controller     
Gacek, Anthony J., Institutional Advancement, University Development    
Gates, Christopher Garahan, University Center for Teaching and Learning 
Gauss, Rosanne, UPCI Director          
George, Jason Michael, Public Safety
George, Mary E., Athletics Administration    
Gibbons, Karly Ann, Dental Medicine, Diagnostic Sciences  
Gill, Heather Kathleen , Instruction, Freshman Program       
Glider, Max S., University Center for Teaching and Learning
Goetz, Breanna Joy, Medicine           
Gomez, Casal, Roberto, Medicine, Otolaryngology  
Goncharov, Dmitry, Medicine
Gorry, Michael C., Medicine  
Graves, Eleanor, Communications Services  
Grayson, Sara Jane, Purchasing Services       
Greb, Matthew Bruno , Medicine, Cell Biology         
Greene, William B., Nursing, Office of the Dean       
Greenfield Jr., Clifford Lamarra, Research Support Services
Grube, Caily Linda, Office of Undergraduate Research        
Guerrero Tenorio, Michel, Medicine, Structural Biology      
Guinane, John S., University Center for Teaching and Learning       
Guzik, Christina Marie, Greensburg University Relations & Development   
Gyarteng, Francis Yaw Anim, Linguistics       
Harris, Carmela Marrie, Facilities Management       
Haston, Summer, Rae, GSPH, Office of the Dean      
Hay, Christie Dawn, Chemistry          
Henderson, Jaynelle Lane, Medicine, Pediatrics       
Hergenroeder, Amy S., Housing Administration       
Hickling, Holly Louise., Honors College, Office of the Dean  
Hill, Dorietta Wynethra, Institutional Advancement, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Hill, Jennifer Christine, Medicine, Cardiothoracic Surgery    
Holmes, Dameon Adam, Housing Administration    
Horne Jr., Joseph Perry, University Center for Teaching and Learning         
Hudson, Nicole Monique, Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence 
Igles, Janet, Facilities Management  
Ilnicki, Melissa Ann, Medicine           
Janoski Jr, Richard A., Work in Process Labor
Jarzynka, Mallory Marie, Public Safety          
Johnson, Quintin Russell, Facilities Management     
Johnson, Vincent O., Law, Office of the Dean           
Jones, Steven M., Special Events       
Kaufmann, Kathi June, Dental Medicine, Prosthodontics     
Kieffer, Lori Ann, GSPH, Epidemiology          
King, Erin Marie, Dental Medicine, Diagnostic Sciences       
Kinnee, Ellen Joyce, GSPH, Environmental/Occupational Health     
Kleckner, Lynnette Lee, Medicine     
Klos, Claudia B., Office of Risk Management & Insurance    
Knopp, Edward Charles, Johnstown Physical Plant, Maintenance   
Knorr, David J., Facilities Management         
Koleny, Mary Anne, Greensburg Human Resources 
Komatsu, Chiaki, Medicine, Plastic Surgery  
Konitzer, Jasmina, University Center for International Studies, Office of the Director        
Korbich, Kristen Ashley, Talent Acquisition   
Korbich, Stephen A., Office of the Chancellor           
Kovac, Natalie Gorman, Public Safety
Kowalski, Lauren E., Medical and Health Sciences Foundation        
Kroll, Suzanne Mary, Student Affairs
Krugh, Michele A, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine  
Kruth, Mary Eileen, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine          
Kufen, Adam D., Medicine, Pediatrics           
Kulkarni, Sucheta, Medicine, Pediatrics        
Labuda, John M., Computing Services          
Lebo, Austin Andrew, International Law Center, LLM Program       
Lee, Vincent K., Medicine, Radiology
Li, Lihua, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology    
Liang, Paulina Huang, Health Sciences, Office of Research  
Lindenberger, Jessica Nicole, Medicine, Pediatrics   
Ljungquist, Eric Colin, Dental Medicine, Dental Instruments
Llewellyn, Shawn M., Bradford Operations  
Loftus, James K., Office of the SVC, Business and Operations          
Lu, Jie, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Science   
Lucci, Marc Allen, Computing Services          
Maiello, Pauline, Medicine, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 
Malehorn, David, Civil & Environmental Engineering           
Mancinelli, Michael D., Medicine, Neurological Surgery      
Mancino, Joseph F., Clinical and Translational Science Institute      
Mandell, Jonathan Brendan, Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery
Markham, Patricia J., SCI, Computer Science
Martin, Christopher Wesley, SVC Health Sciences, Information Technology           
Martin, Diane Repcheck, Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations      
Martino, Angela Christine, Medicine, Pediatrics       
Mathis, Caitlin G., Electrical and Computer Engineering      
Matthews, Mark E., Office of the Registrar   
Mauna, Jocelyn Del Carmen., Medicine, Neurobiology        
McCain, Rochelle Regan., Law, Student Affairs         
McDermott, Dennis R., Work in Process Labor         
McDonald, Derek B., Business Administration, Office of the Dean  
McGough, Tricia J., UCIS, Office of the Director       
McMullen, Sarah Kay, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation     
Meder, Richard J., Public Safety        
Mercier, Mark T., Computing Services          
Merranko, Mary Ann., Office of the SVC for Health Sciences           
Mickens, Sharon, Career Development and Placement Assistance  
Milazzo, Theresa F., LRDC      
Miller, Laura Jean, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation   
Mirt, Nancy Jane, Medicine, Pediatrics         
Mischler, Shannon Johnston, Institutional Advancement, Alumni Relations           
Mizerak, Timothy M., Housing Administration         
Morabito, John, Work in Process Labor        
Morlacci, Michael A., Johnstown Marketing 
Napoli, Mary Lillian, Academic Resource Center      
Neff, Sarah C., Dental Medicine, Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics        
Nelson II, Frederick A., Computing Services  
Niver, Kevin Douglas, Bradford Dormitories 
O'Donnell, Wendy May, Medicine, Critical Care Medicine   
Ogoreuc, Thomas R., Office of University Counsel   
OHare, Meghan E., Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs         
Palaski, Jennifer Heinemann, GSPH, Biostatistics     
Palko, Michael Joseph, Financial Information Systems         
Pampena, Michael Stephen, Public Safety    
Panaro, Alice Marie, Greensburg Police        
Park, Jennifer E., Institutional Advancement, Operations and Quality Administration       
Parker, Daniel Patrick, Medicine       
Paterlini, Paula Lou, Parking General Administration           
Pearce, Nathan J., Engineering, Information Technology     
Perkins, Donna M., Falk Library         
Pirl, Douglas Christopher, Instruction & Learning     
Pisciotta, Rachel Nora Linke, Research & Educational Support        
Pittek, Angela M., Facilities Management     
Popovich, Sarah C., Hesselbein Leadership Academy           
Porter, Patricia M., Medicine, Neurological Surgery 
Pucci, Gina Marie, Undergraduate Studies, Dietrich School 
Pugliese, Patrick J., Student Health Service  
Raczkowski, Amanda D., Nursing, Student Affairs and Alumni Relations     
Rafalski, Renee L., Facilities Management    
Richards, Jason J., Athletics Administration  
Riley, Brooke Elizabeth, Public Safety
Riley, Riley Amanda, Social Work, Office of the Dean          
Robinson, Tiffany Tamika Karma, University Child Development Center     
Roehrig, Sheila Kay, Facilities Management  
Rosado dos Santos, Alexandre, Athletics Administration     
Rosenberger, Sarah T., UPCI Basic Research Administration
Rosenblatt, James Martin, Work in Process Labor   
Rosendale, James Arnold, Dental Medicine, Office of the Dean      
Runco, Nora M Byrne, UPCI Fiscal     
Runt, Sean Matthew, Medicine, Pediatrics   
Russell, Leah Louise, Bioengineering 
Ruvolo, David T., History       
Rzepecki, Kristy L., Office of Diversity and Inclusion 
Salvio, Benjamin Paul, Public Safety  
Schall Linn, Jacqueline Dawn, Psychology in Education        
Scheider, Ashley Marie, Housing Administration      
Schneider, Oscar T., Receiving Services        
Schrembeck, Sheila Renee, Dental Medicine, Diagnostic Sciences  
Schroth, Ryan Nicholas, Medicine, Plastic Surgery   
Schwartz, Lisa S., Medicine, Systems Neuroscience Institute           
Sedilko, Colton Daniel, Computing Services  
Seiders, Chris R., Computing Services
Sembrat II, John Charles, Medicine   
Seris, Corinne Marie, Integrated Security     
Shearson, Maureen N., Talent Acquisition    
Shrawder, Donald Keith, DLAR, Veterinary Services 
Shuda, Yoko, UPCI Basic Research Administration   
Simcik, Amy E., Health Sciences Core Research Facilities     
Singer, Michael E., GSPH, Office of the Dean
Sivak, Maryann H., UCIS. Office of the Director        
Siweckyj, Steven Michael, Facilities Management    
Skellie, Nicole Yvonne, SHRS, Office of the Dean      
Slifka, Ruth A., SHRS, Rehab Sci & Tech         
Smith, Teekie Catherine, Academic Affairs, Health Sciences
Smoot, Anjeanette Michelle, Facilities Management
Sotirokos, Meagan Louise Card and Gift Store         
Spangler, Jane Lynne, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation     
Stanek, Neil R., Housing Administration       
Stemmler, Debra J., GSPH, Infectious Diseases & Microbiology       
Stiles, Randal D., Bradford WedNet  
Stover, Kerri Diane, Admissions & Financial Aid       
Sullivan, Joseph R., Work in Process Labor   
Tate, Amanda Marie, Housing Administration          
Taylor, Brittani Lation, Katz School Academic Support Services       
Templien, Brian Allen, Athletics Administration       
Thomas, Brad D., University Store    
Thompkins, Denise Lorraine, Housing Administration          
Tillman, Deborah L., Facilities Management 
Tomasic, Joy Ann, University Child Development Center     
Toner, Alex John, Archives Service Center    
Toth, Matthew Brian, Computing Services
Town, Kenneth M., Engineering, Office of the Dean
Townsend, Bradley G., Athletics Administration      
Tutuncuoglu, Egemen, Medicine       
Tyler, Christine L., Bradford Alumni Relations          
Underwood, Tricia A., Social Work, Child Welfare Training Programs         
Utterback, Debra Sharon, SHRS, Physical Therapy   
Vargas, Dominic L., Katz School, Office of the Dean 
Vercammen, Gene P., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean
Vernet, Lazor, Vicki, Business Administration, Student Records/Advising   
Vishnubhatla, Vnphani Kumar, Financial Information Systems        
Volk, Jane L., Employee/Labor Relations      
Voll, Megan Elizabeth, Medicine, Pediatrics 
Vranesevic, Annemarie L., Geology and Environmental Sciences    
Walaan, Matthew George, Housing Administration 
Walsh, Daniel T., Work in Process Labor       
Walsh, Molly Lynn, Medical and Health Sciences Foundation          
Wassel, Tracey A., Dental Medicine, Student Affairs
Waterstram, Laura Fast, SHRS, Occupational Therapy         
Wedge, Melanie Marie, Katz School, Academic Support Services    
Weisel, Nadine M., Medicine, Immunology  
Weishorn, Tiffany Renee., GSPH, Biostatistics          
Weiss, Jeffrey Michael, Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation        
Werst, Jeffrey David, Research & Educational Support        
Wess, Bruce Lane, Johnstown Physical Plant, Custodial       
Wess, Theodore J., Johnstown Physical Plant, Maintenance
West, Quiana L., Housing Administration     
Whitaker, William L., Financial Information Systems
Wicks, Alicia Marie, Dental Medicine, Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics
Wideman, Justin Michael, Research & Educational Support
Wilcher, Ravi C., Public Safety           
Wildman, Amy Lynn, Dietrich School, Office of the Dean     
Willard, John R., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean
Williams, Cathleen J., Dietrich School, Office of the Dean    
Williams, Chazz, SHRS, Student Affairs         
Wilson, Jerry M., Housing Administration    
Wise, Theresa Joy, University Child Development Center    
Wissner, Trent Charles, Computing Services
Witek, Jessica Ann, UPCI, Fiscal         
Witoslawski, Brittany Howe, Office of the Provost   
Wollam, Mariegold Emily, Psychology          
Wortzman, Harriet Rochelle, Administrative & Policy Studies         
Wright, Audrey Karen, Facilities Management         
Yacob, Kaitlin Ann, Education, Admissions and Enrollment Services
Yoho, Melissa April, Mechanicsburg Child Welfare Training Programs        
Zeiler, Michael William, DLAR, Animal Husbandry    
Zhang, Qiangmin, Medicine, Pharmacology and Chemical Biology  
Zurcher, Christopher Vincent, Admissions & Financial Aid    

  • Cathleen Barr, graduate administrator in the Department of Biological Sciences, was recognized for her 50 years of service to Pitt. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Barr; Kathleen M. Blee, Bettye J. and Ralph E. Bailey Dean of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences College of General Studies and Distinguished Professor of Sociology; and Lynn Rago, administrative officer, Departments of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience.
  • Rosemary Rinella, executive assistant to the dean in the School of Social Work, was recognized for her 50 years of service to Pitt. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Rinella; Betsy Farmer, dean of the School of Social Work; and Megan Soltesz, director of administration, School of Social Work.
  • Dolores “Doe” Berkey, executive director in the Office of Finance and Administration at Pitt–Johnstown, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, Berkey and Amy Buxbaum, vice president of finance and administration at Pitt–Johnstown
  • Leigh Booker, manager in the Department of Financial Information Systems, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Booker; Dianne DeNezza, executive director, Department of Financial Information Services; and Hari Sastry, senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer.
  • Debbie Connell, assistant to the chair in the Department of Psychology, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Connell; Kathleen M. Blee, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Dean of Dietrich School and College of General Studies; and Julie Fiez, professor and senior scientist in the Learning Research and Development Center.
  • Patti Carroll, supervisor, Office of the University Registrar, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Carroll; Patti Mathay, university registrar; and Ryan Mahramas, associate university registrar for student services.
  • Kenneth Cocuzzi, facilities management, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Cocuzzi; Scott Bernotas, associate vice chancellor, Office of Facilities Management; and Greg Scott, senior vice chancellor for business and operations.
  • Donna Farrell, administrative assistant, Department of Health and Physical Activity, School of Education, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Farrell; Valerie Kinloch, Renée and Richard Goldman Dean, School of Education; and Denise Morrin, department administrator.
  • Delbert Grissom, Office of Facilities Management, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Grissom; Andrew Moran, Office of Facilities Management; Scott Bernotas, associate vice chancellor, Office of Facilities Management; Greg Scott, senior vice chancellor for business and operations.
  • Mary Hamler, department administrator, Department of Communication, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Hamler; Kathleen M. Blee, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Dean of Dietrich School and College of General Studies; and Jacob Bacharach, division administrator, humanities, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.
  • Bradley Hyland, fiscal specialist, Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC), was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Hyland; and Patsy Guzzi Jr., director of administration at LRDC.
  • William McGahey, senior systems administrator and technology lead for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Swanson School of Engineering, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, McGahey; and Nathan Pearce, director, Swanson School of Engineering’s technology group.
  • Kathy Moonan, manager of accounts payable, Pitt–Bradford, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, Moonan; and Richard Esch, vice president for business affairs, Department of Business and Administrative Affairs, Pitt–Bradford.
  • Pamela Sabol, director of human resources, Pitt–Johnstown, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Sabol; and Amy Buxbaum, vice president of finance and administration at Pitt–Johnstown.
  • Ronald Schwesinger, director of grant administration, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS), was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Schwesinger; Jean Burgess, associate dean of administration and finance, SHRS; and Arthur S. Levine, senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean, School of Medicine.
  • John Smith Jr., systems analyst, School of Pharmacy, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Smith; Kellie Mitchell, assistant dean of business and operations, School of Pharmacy; and Arthur S. Levine, senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean, School of Medicine.
  • Sharon Sobol, senior financial analyst, Department of Budget and Financial Reporting, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; Sobol; Brenda Hussey, director, financial reporting; and Hari Sastry, senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer.
  • Blaine Walker, manager of academic digital media , Center for Instructional Development and Distance Education, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallahger; Walker; Cynthia Golden, director, University Center for Teaching and Learning; and Erik Arroyo, director, academic support services, University Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Christine White, assistant director of training, Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences, was recognized for 40 years of service. From left are Chancellor Patrick Gallagher; White; and Arthur S. Levine, senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean, School of Medicine.
  • Employees recognized for 30 years of service to Pitt
  • Employees recognized for 20 years of service to Pitt