Professional Development Goes Digital for Employees

With most University staff and faculty practicing social distancing and working remotely, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) is working to provide resources to foster not only productivity but employee engagement.

“Right now, the University stance is we want to find work for every single person who has been asked to work remotely, and we need to think outside the box to make that work meaningful and valuable,” said David DeJong, vice chancellor for human resources.

DeJong noted that now could be an ideal time for some employees to take advantage of opportunities to advance their professional development when it may not have been possible previously, given day-to-day responsibilities. All of these are available through OHR’s Faculty and Staff Development Program (FSDP) and LinkedIn Learning.

FSDP curriculum has been modified so that employees can continue to expand their personal and professional development skills while working from home. All in-person workshops will be suspended, but some will be adapted to be presented virtually, including the following upcoming workshops:

Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Community Members
Tuesday, April 7; 9-10:15 a.m.
This session will provide participants with the opportunity to practice inclusive language, discuss societal barriers to inclusion and gain tools that can be used in their own department.

Introduction to Mindfulness
Tuesday, April 7; noon-1 p.m.
In this class, participants will be introduced to the concept and practice of mindfulness, how it can help participants cope with stress and other difficult emotions and how it can contribute to one’s wellbeing.

Managing Staff Performance: Maximizing Your Staff's Potential
Tuesday, April 8; 9-11 a.m.
This workshop provides supervisors with an overview of best practices and procedures for managing employee performance throughout the year.

Basics of Federal Contract Administration
Thursday, April 9; 9-11 a.m.
This workshop offers a basic overview of the federal contract process, including the submission process, key issues, financial stewardship requirements, compliance issues unique to federal contracts and the closeout process.

Grocery Shopping for Your Health
Friday, April 17; noon-1 p.m.
Good nutrition frequently starts at the grocery store, with healthy ingredients; this lunch and learn will offer tips and strategies for finding healthy choices while shopping to make the heart-healthy best of dinner.

Employees can find more information about those on the OHR Announcements page, which will also include further updates as more workshops are added.