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A group of people kneeling on the ground around a large communal painting
With many people coping with loneliness from self-isolation, the Center for Creativity is offering creative prompts, exercises and other outlets to stay connected with each other.
stock photo of a laptop and an open book
As classes move to a remote learning format, live video with interactive participation is one of the best ways for instructors and students alike to replicate the classroom experience. Pitt IT shares how Zoom is one of the best tools to help faculty do it.
a person browsing the Pittwire VPN page online
Pitt Information Technology has guidance to help staff, faculty and students know when connecting to PittNet VPN—widely known as Pulse Secure—is necessary for their work and when it’s more efficient to skip the service.
a person typing on a keyboard wearing a Pitt shirt
“Remote working” searches on LinkedIn Learning have tripled, as both employees and managers look for advice on how to navigate the challenges of working remotely and managing a remote workforce. Pitt employees have access to free online courses that can help in this transition.
a person studying on a laptop with a pink water bottle beside
Moving materials online, conducting live and recorded lectures, facilitating discussion from a distance and academic integrity and cheating are among the topics covered during a comprehensive schedule of remote office hours and virtual workshops that began March 15.
Three people talk as they sit side by side.
The 2020 Mentoring and Advising Summit was jointly hosted by the two universities—a partnership that began when two former grad classmates reconnected over coffee.
An audience of people sit listening
After hosting multiple in-person sessions and accepting online feedback, the Office of Human Resources’ Shaping the Workplace initiative will move forward on common themes and opportunities that emerged.
People talking with one another, some in bright blue Pitt shirts.
The University community came out in force to join in the Pitt Day of Giving: 7,630 individuals made gifts, more than in any previous year.
The Cathedral of Learning against the downtown Oakland skyline.
Sixteen faculty from across the University have been honored with 2020 Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service, Research and Teaching awards.
Nathan Urban in a dark suit jacket over a light blue dress shirt.
Nathan Urban has spent much of his time at Pitt leading graduate and professional academic programs and working to understanding the perspectives and enrich the experiences of graduate students.
Kathy Humphrey speaks at the Community Engaged Scholarship Forum
More than 250 people attended the Community Engaged Scholarship Forum, now in its second year. Five projects were honored for reflecting Pitt’s highest community engagement aspirations.
Two people stand by a truck that reads "100% Electric" on its side.
The University is aiming for a new goal: becoming carbon neutral by 2037. Here are ways employees can contribute to this initiative while at work and reduce their carbon footprint at home.
Bring unwanted electronics, paper products, furniture or other office supplies to the O’Hara Student Center for a clean and swap event, part of Pitt’s participation in Recyclemania and dedication to sustainability.
This year’s conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, held in Seattle, featured multiple presentations by Pitt faculty and staff.
A purple sign that reads, "Open Lab," on a table filled with 3D-printed objects, in different colors.
The University Center for Teaching and Learning’s Open Lab features new technologies like virtual reality, 3D printing and laser engraving video that can bring courses and projects to life in new ways—and they’re free and open to faculty and staff.