Nationality Rooms

E. Maxine Bruhns

A Citizen of the World Retires

After a 54-year career at Pitt, E. Maxine Bruhns announced her retirement. Her legacy includes overseeing the growth of the Nationality Rooms program from 19 to 31 rooms.
The Austrian Nationality Room

There’s No Place Like Pitt for the Holidays

Over the holiday season, many of the Cathedral of Learning’s Nationality Rooms are decorated with trees, wreaths and ornaments of paper and glass—all appropriate to the history, heritage and traditions of each.
Nationality room holiday decorations

Nationality Rooms Host Holiday Open House Dec. 8

The 31 Nationality Rooms are decked in their finest holiday adornments now through Jan. 18, 2020. The annual Holiday Open House takes place this Sunday, Dec. 8.
Philippine Nationality Room

Philippine Nationality Room Dedication Set for June 9

The 31st Nationality Room will be dedicated in a ceremony on Sunday, June 9, at Heinz Memorial Chapel, followed by a free cultural festival in the Commons Room.