Pitt’s Influence, by the Numbers

Pitt’s important economic role is well-known across the University’s campuses. But did you know that in fiscal year 2018, Pitt had a $4.2 billion impact in Pennsylvania?

A new economic impact report, prepared by the Office of Economic Partnerships, documents just how much the University contributes as an employer, a cultivator of student talent, an economic driver, an innovation engine and a partner in the community.

Here are a few ways that the University boosts the state economy:

  • Pitt supported 37,822 jobs in Pennsylvania in fiscal year 2018.
  • In fiscal year 2018, Pitt faculty, staff and students contributed $73.1 million in donations and volunteer time to charitable organizations in their communities.
  • The 181,000 Pitt alumni in Pennsylvania account for approximately $114.3 billion in additional lifetime earnings.

Take a look at the executive summary and full report for all the most recent and impactful numbers.